About Us

Bjs Environmental Consulting Services & Supplies Limited

Bj’s Environmental Consulting Services and Supplies Limited is a private company that was incorporated on 2nd day of November, 2011.

The company was accredited as EIA/EA Firm of Experts by NEMA under registration No. 5115 on the 2nd Day of March 2012.

Our Mission

To Build a World of Difference by advancing the frontiers of knowledge, to provide our clients with reliable solutions to their most complex challenges, thereby helping improve and sustain the quality of life around the globe.

Our Vision

To become a primary environmental consultancy firm that provides sound environmental solutions globally

Our Vision

Sustainable services at your disposal

Our Motto

  • i. Efficiency and effectiveness
  • ii. Result oriented
  • iii. Team work and partnership building
  • iv. Integrity
  • v. Common Purpose
  • vi. Accountability
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